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Warranted superior saw dating

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Struck medallions, somewhat like coins, make a ringing sound when dropped. All of the medallions made before are cast in sand. The word Superior simply means that the saw was made from the best materials available at the time. The hook is still featured on this saw. That figure is interpolation based on the statement in advertising that "dozens" of saws were made each day in the factory that year. This medallion still featured the old-style split sawnuts that were used until about The lettering on this medallion has serifs, unlike those before or after its production. This evidence is the basis for putting this medallion first on the list, a departure from other type studies. Late 's or early 50's medallions left and right with "H. It was found on a No. This particular medallion is rarely seen, and was produced for only a short time before the keystone medallion was introduced. Most American saw makers were purchased by one of these three makers, listed above, and continued with their other makers saws except that they would not stamped them with their "good name" and instead put their Warranted medallion on them. The rosewood handle has some wheat carving on it and fit my hand just right. This article was first published in , and revised countless times through During the Civil War he joined the Union Army against his father's wishes.

Warranted superior saw dating

The hook is still featured on this saw. This has brought many saws to the eyes of collectors for the first time, but has also pointed out there are far too many saws with medallions that were thought to be made in the 's. This medallion, the one before, and the next, are all variations on the same design and time frame, the period. Be careful removing the nuts so they don't chip the wood on their way out. Disston's first employee, David Bickley, reported in an interview that Disston made no saws at all for the first two years of work in three locations, Arch Street, Third St. The split-nut or spanner style of fastner is about to be phased out. The earliest medallions have the most crisp detail in the eagles. Ever wondered why they are so prolific out there? The design looks more like the 's and 's medallions than the preceding ones, but it uses the PHILA abbreviation. The steel was the equal of named brands too and so was the workmanship. Notice the style of the eagle has changed from the Federal-style eagle found, for example, on US coins and is more stylized. All things considered, there is a good chance someone, somewhere in the world, will have one like ours and be able to identify it for us. It may not be the earliest example of a Disston medallion, but it's close to it. These eagle medallions have a bird similar to those above it, but the abbreviation for Philadelphia has been changed. This medallion is on a mid's "Choice" saw, which was introduced about Henry Disston relented and eventually encouraged other workers to volunteer. So there is no printed original-source reference to put the medallions in order. The only significant difference between this and the earlier medallion is the "pimples". Two examples of each are shown for clarity. During the Civil War he joined the Union Army against his father's wishes. A Disston saw with the eagle medallion was made during Abe Lincoln's lifetime, so it is collectable and should not be over-cleaned or used to cut wood. The other, more significant, design change taking place during this period was the deepening of the angle of the handle from 25 degrees to 35 degrees. The abbreviation of Philadelphia changes several times on the early medallions. This particular medallion is rarely seen, and was produced for only a short time before the keystone medallion was introduced. When saws began being produced in the USA, some makers used the eagle WS medallion on their second line saws.

Warranted superior saw dating

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