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Reid forces intimidating unions

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The Green leadership, which control the A. And if Roosevelt, whom Lewis is ardently supporting, wins in the coming elections, Lewis will doubtless have a high government post offered him. Concretely, our Party joins in the C. Among other things, it has definitely supported the A. This Convention was the scene of a very bitter struggle between the industrial union forces, led by Lewis, and the craft union supporters, led by William Green and the majority of the Executive Council of the American Federation of Labor. The struggle turned around the question of unionizing the almost totally unorganized workers in the steel, automobile, chemical, rubber and other mass production industries, and was concretized in the demand that in these industries the American Federation of Labor give up its antiquated system of trying to organize the workers into many autonomous craft unions a dozen or more to each industry and give the jurisdiction in each case to one industrial union. In this situation, therefore, it was manifestly its task to use all its power and influence to arouse the masses against the threatening split. At present, Hillman, like the other C. The movement carries with it the possibility of profound progressive changes in the structure, leadership and policies of the American Federation of Labor. It should put its men and money at the disposal of these local committees and proceed with a great nation-wide organization campaign. Indeed, the real significance of the C. First, on the question of fascism and war:

Reid forces intimidating unions

It remains to be seen, however, whether the C. This knotty question of industrial unionism should be resolved by an appeal to the steel workers not to join the various craft unions but to affiliate themselves in a body to the A. It is being built around the issue of the organization of the unorganized into industrial unions in the trustified, mass production industries. Thus, in a number of instances articles in the Daily Worker have incorrectly evaluated Lewis, ranging from uncritical praise of him to sectarian denunciation. In this they reflect the strong anti-war, anti-fascist sentiment among the masses. Since its formation the C. The Communist Party has for many years been the champion of industrial unionism and the organization of the unorganized, the two chief planks of the new movement. Lewis is a clever, strong, aggressive and opportunistic leader. Hughes observes that the term was once generally used to indicate a scoundrel, a villain, or a disreputable person. The Executive Council, which has been forced by the C. Their unionization is vital for the whole labor movement. At present the capitalists are watching the sudden rise of the C. And there is further involved the grand prize of the leadership of the American Federation of Labor itself. Such a major rupture as this could only be a major disaster to the workers. Howard, president of the Typographical Union, whose progressivism is very limited, was originally elected to his post a dozen years ago in opposition to the A. The development of the C. The Executive Council reactionaries, the actual elements from whom the danger of a split arose, at once shouted that Lewis was about to divide and wreck the trade union movement. In and around the C. They made the A. It has weakened the deadly stranglehold of the Green bureaucracy on the trade unions and has given the forces of life and progress in these organizations new grounds for development. The term appears derived from the word "knob", in the sense of something that sticks out, and from the card-playing term "nob", as someone who cheats. The Bundesarbeitsgericht the Federal Labor Court of Germany and the Bundesverfassungsgericht the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany have, however, issued a large number of rulings which essentially regulate trade union activities such as strikes. But most of the capitalist press takes as yet a somewhat noncommittal attitude. The Leadership of the C. The steel workers are in a good mood to organize and a big campaign can start them as a body into motion. Meanwhile, the split in the bureaucracy throws open the door for rapid progressive developments in the A.

Reid forces intimidating unions

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