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Platform escapement clock dating

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The case has a number of characteristics that will become standard later on; doors to the back and sides, four urn finials on the corners and one on the bell support. I hope that you will enjoy reading about these clocks. To unwind the clock you will obviously need the key. This clock is signed Bertrand A Paris and dates about The next stage can seem a bit scary but if you follow the instructions then you will be fine. One needed to set up the clock at the place where one stayed. But foremost these movements lacked their escapements and striking levers that needed to be made and adjusted by the skilled clockmaker. The shaped of the finely foliate pierced and engraved hands together with the style of the dial indicate a date around Having said that the spindle holes collect dust much less quickly because they are enclosed apart from the exposed end of the spindle visible through the plate. You can see the plate partially disengaged with the lynch pins removed in the picture below. It is a fine example of a Capucine that has characteristics that would become more standard in the 19th Century. His talent for clockmaker was discovered on a young age and he started working in Paris. If you take the screws out completely and put them in a pot be prepared for some fiddly relocation work on replacement. Soap and warm water will do fine. It also repeats the hours after about two minutes. The trick is to gradually increase your pull until it comes out less suddenly rather than tug at the thing. You just have to be patient and follow these instructions.

Platform escapement clock dating

Oddly once you have done it once…. The arched case would become very populair with other makers. Partly this was done because specialists could produce better quality because they could produce better quality. The reason for this is that you need to hold on to the key while you release the ratchet that holds it against its spring pressure. He then set up large workshops that produced movements in collaboration with craftsmen that worked from home. He used craftmen working from home to make parts for him. The Capucine In the third quarter of the 18th Century in France there were clocks made for travel. It should look something like the following photograph. Soap and warm water will do fine. The clock will repeat the last hour on demand by either pulling a string or pushing a button. This will release the movement. After you have unwound the clock the next thing is to get the case apart and the movement out. It is well possible that this clock was made in the Jura but finished and sold in Paris by Bertrand. If you take the screws out completely and put them in a pot be prepared for some fiddly relocation work on replacement. You will pick up any serious deviation in this timescale if there is one. The arbours and wheels were in their place but needed polishing. It is not uncommon for these clocks to have quarter striking. At the very least I hope this gives you some idea of how the clock works and encourages you to get a stopped one back into service yourself or by a repairer. Here is another nice example of an early Capucine circa made by Janvier Cadet who worked in the Jura. If its in position it will start to run. Look inbetween the plates as viewed in the next photo. The clock shown here is an example of their work. On a french barrel movement it really could be anywhere however. There had been a clockmaking tradition for centuries but it had suffered greatly because of the Revolution and the Napoleontic wars. Another tricky job that you can just about do yourself.

Platform escapement clock dating

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