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Most intimidating football uniforms

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Penn State trots out the same look week after week, year after year, and it's the definition of a classic. Read More 4 Oregon Oregon has had approximately 10, uniform combinations in the past few years, and each one is better than the one before it. It's just a star, people. When it comes to jersey colors, purple is a real X factor: San Francisco 49ers The 49ers colors are some of the more recognizable in all of sports, and for good reason. Personally, I think they're flawless. The jersey doesn't have any crazy logos or any neon; the royal blue and white speak for themselves. And finally, the Redskins ace the most overlooked part of the NFL uniform: Jacksonville Jaguars The Jacksonville Jaguars should send a Christmas card to whoever designed the Buccaneers uniform, because if the Bucs uni's weren't redesigned into possibly the worst look in professional sports, the Jags would easily occupy the bottom spot of this list. It's as if the Cards can't decide which style to go with, so they decided to use a little bit of both. Read More 24 Baylor Predominantly white helmets are a difficult thing to pull off, but the Baylor Bears have found the secret formula for doing so in this clean look. But even when the Cardinals wear their white pants, these uniforms straddle the line between old school and new age: Even Bill Belichick is bored. Any time fans are tuning in every week just to see what uniform you're wearing, you're doing something right. Sure, it's a look people know, but once you get past the star there's some pretty questionable features in this design, including an awkward white stripe down the center of a gray helmet, and some awful stripes on the shoulder. The two colored face mask is revolutionary, and the jersey, with the black and orange shoulder pads, is a thing of beauty. The logo is retro and the shoulders aren't too busy, a mistake many other teams make.

Most intimidating football uniforms

Sparty has had fairly similar uni's for quite some time because they look so good, especially those helmets. However, the gold outline around the numbers isn't quite pulled off, and the while the logo on the helmets isn't an eyesore, they would look much better with the shield the team uses at their 50 yard line. The white-orange-white stripes on the shoulders are sharp, and the helmets are straightforward yet very appealing. Baltimore Ravens The Ravens make better use of purple than the Vikes did, as they use a darker shade than Minnesota. Now if only they could include a definition of "hokie" somewhere on the jersey Throw that in with the flaming sword thing that is the Titans logo, and it all adds up to a poorly conceived uniform. However, Cleveland's lack of creativity in their uniforms prevents them from rolling out an ugly look, so therefore, they rank right in the middle of the pack as the league's most average jersey. But good lord, that helmet is bad. Tennessee Titans It's as if the Titans said to themselves, "You know, I really like having one odd shade of blue on our uniforms, but I would really love it if we could have two odd shades of blue on there, is that possible? Coach Jim Harbaugh can get mad and yell about a lot of things, but he can't get angry about how his team looks. Green Bay Packers Green and yellow isn't a pair that normally works, but Green Bay came up with this design years ago and stuck to it because it's an excellent look. In my mind, the Bucs edge the Jags by a late field goal. Even so, the Chargers standard navy uniforms are pretty electric too, as the bolt on the helmet draws your attention, and the hints of gold throughout the jersey make it pop. Philadelphia Eagles Green is a great color for uniforms when pulled off correctly see: Maybe Jay Gruden left Cincy because he couldn't stand this clownish look any longer. St Louis Rams The Rams rocked this blue on blue look for the majority of their games last year, and joins the long list of teams that tried, and failed, to wear pants that matched their jersey. When it comes to uni's, there's not a lot of love for the team from Philly. That helmet is bad, like Chad Henne trying to complete a pass while under pressure bad. Read More 12 Oregon State OSU started wearing these last year, and like bowl games, college football's overtime rules, and Tim Tebow, you'll either love them or hate them. And finally, the Redskins ace the most overlooked part of the NFL uniform: They're an intense twist from their normal blue and gold jerseys, but they work. Read More 17 Auburn Auburn's helmet and uniforms have been unchanged for quite some time; let's hope they keep it that way. Second best uniforms in the state, however. Read More 19 Boise State That. The pants feature a neon stripe up the side with some sort of unidentifiable shape, the numbers have stripes that are unique but unnecessary, and the gray line across the shoulder blade doesn't look good. In my eyes, the Vikings uniforms don't make great use of the color; in addition, the Viking horns on the side of the helmet look more like a comma than they do a sweet piece of headgear.

Most intimidating football uniforms

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