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Dating in high school story

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Ezra - Ezra is a musician type who is also quite the ladies man. Sakura is revealed to hate art because it is the only things that she can't use gaming to help her with. Koh is a slacker type. Nerd, Prep, or Jock. Due to being homeschooled for so long, she has a harder time fitting in and making friends. It is revealed that Mia's mother had remarried and Mia currently lives with her dad, who is implied to be very controlling and abusive. Sakura is shown to be very competitive towards others. Wes - Wes is a sketchy character who originally attends Hearst High. Nishan eventually realizes that he should be going to a school where people accept him for who he is and not for what he does for others. There are various types in High School Story which range from basic types such as a Jock, Nerd or Prep to "combined" classmates like Cheerleader, Gamer or Student Government, and the player can gain other students through two different methods: Although her dad wouldn't allow her to switch schools in the beginning, the school beating Hearst High at football ultimately made him change his mind, and Autumn ended up attending the school. Due to Wes's past, he is usually suspicious of everyone he meets and believes that everyone has a dark side. Payton is a prep type. When "Pandora" was revealed to be Katherine's best friend, Lacey, Katherine begins to dislike Lacey and Lacey begins to pick on her daily, leading to Katherine switching to Your Character's school. Later, Payton is hinted to have a crush on Ezra.

Dating in high school story

Koh - Koh is a troublemaker who joins the new school because she ended up getting expelled from all of her other ones. It has been strongly hinted that Autumn harbors feelings for Julian and that he also has feelings for her too. When this is revealed, Mia plans on attending the new school despite her father's wishes. Unfortunately, the text message comes to pass - Hearst uses a quadrocopter with a camera to view their plan and steal it. Julian decided to transfer because the football coach at Heart High would always put him on the bench and never let him play and he wanted somewhere where he would actually be given a fair chance. Julian manages to take it down in time but Max tells him that the footage has been streaming live and they have all that they need. Your Character's looks and gender are customizable, and the player can also choose whether Your Character is a nerd, prep, or a jock. Nishan is shown to be very interested in science and robotics. The Mc tries to convince him to transfer schools but he declines stating that Hearst has a better academic program and a robotics club. To celebrate, they throw a party to get other students to come to their school with the help of Hearst student, Payton. Gameplay[ edit ] High School Story is a choice-based simulation game. Mia reveals later on that her controlling home life was a factor in her eating disorder because her food intake was the only thing she could control. Autumn Brooks - Autumn is Your Character's best friend and is very loyal to the new school. Sakura is the gamer type and it is shown that gaming helps her heavily in real life, like finding games to help her with school subjects. Wes is a slacker type. Julian - Julian formerly was a student at Heart High until Autumn and Your Character convinced him to attend the new school. Payton was revealed to be adopted and due to this, she once adopted a bunch of animals so that they could have a home like her. Split into three "Books" composed of fifteen chapters each, the story focuses on a new character created by the player who transfers to Berry High. After being harassed by Max and Kara, Your Character dreams of making their new school a place where everyone is accepting of everyone. Kallie is introduced in the Extra Credit quests and is shown to have feelings for Julian. If they win, Autumn will be able to transfer to the MC's school. Ezra - Ezra is a musician type who is also quite the ladies man. Hearst challenges the MC and their school to a homecoming game. But when the MC and Autumn show up at a Hearst football game, Julian is banned from playing the game for the remaining season as a result of fighting Max. Sakura - Sakura is the best friend of Nishan.

Dating in high school story

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