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Dating a radiology resident

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The last consent of the morning… Later that afternoon the program director calls you into the office. I'm happy there are certifications, and I believe you that the bar should be raised, but given the huge demand for doctors, why aren't we increasing the number of medical schools? So you look through the CT scan quickly and ramble into the Dictaphone about the case. Instead of entering into the electronic health records, you quickly peruse the one-word order on the top of the dictation page. Always make sure to put on your best face forward toward your staff. Thanks for the comments in this thread, they've been very informative. The friends I have made with other doctors' wives during the years in medical school, intern year, and now residency have become near life-lines for me. This is not AskMeddit. There are no short cuts. Furthermore, appearances fortunately or unfortunately lend credence to your skills, personality, and the department. I can talk to Orthopedic surgeons in their language, Neurologists in theirs, and Gastroenterologists in theirs. Shoot for harmony through compromise; an allowance for notes to clash from time to time is healthy. Happily, you trot back to your radiology attending to go over the case. We love having tangible goals that we are working on together, and triathlons allow us to be competitive and unified with each other in a fun way. But, sometimes it feels like even our common goals are intangible and quite distant.

Dating a radiology resident

Nothing seems to register as abnormal on the film. Sometimes my husband is not home. She enthusiastically asks you a question about a patient with breast cancer. For the few days that you have worked with her, she has a habit of teaching interesting topics while she is taking cases. Obsessing over a missed hour of studying, or what your attending may have said to you is a waste of energy. Pick up beer on your way home. We make it a point to read from the scriptures every day together. In fact this was my point earlier. The next morning at readout your attending starts to look at the case. No protected health information should be posted on Meddit. And, always volunteer to participate in a readout or procedure. Although primarily aimed at physicians, we distinctly encourage other health care professionals to add their voice to the discussions. We carry on traditions that provided us with comfort and helped us to feel secure and loved as children and young adults. You slink back and worm your way into a corner. Always ask how you can help. So, you start going through a small presentation about your newfound knowledge based on the textual information. In a few minutes, you are done. Or, maybe things are not going as well as you might have liked during your first year so far. I completed 4 years of medical school followed by a 5 year residency. This reminder is strengthening and essential during the difficult years of residency. By all means, NO!!!! In our world, radiology is a service-oriented profession. There is simply too much to learn. In fact, this is not what the radiology board exam does. Learn about things that can kill a patient or are common first.

Dating a radiology resident

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